Haifa – Caesarea – Akko – Tiberias

Over the last days we had decided to rent a car for a week. We booked online and set out to find the car rental office. Took us a while but worked out fine in the end.

We went down to Caesarea, picking up hitch-hikers on the way.

Caesarea is an ancient port town, now in ruins, that was built by king Herod the Great to impress the Romans, specifically Caesar Augustus. We spent quite a while there.

Then we drove to Akko, north of Haifa, to have a look at the old city. It’s a beautiful place and it reminded me of the medina of Bizerte in Tunisia.

Our stop for the night was Tiberias, located on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, at the edge of the Golan Heights.

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