This is my travel log. It is mostly about long-distance cycling, but some journeys (or some legs thereof) include other modes of transport. I also record some of my short-distance rides here.

If you were wondering what ‘On My Todd‘ means… Todd is not my bike’s name as some folks suggested. ‘On my Todd’ is an expression taken from East London cockney rhyming slang. Tod Sloan was a US-American jockey well-known in England at the end of the 19th century. ‘Tod Sloan’ rhymes with ‘on my own’, the full name got shortened to just the first name and the expression ‘on my Tod(d)’ emerged.

So as the name implies, I’m doing most of these trips by myself. However, that doesn’t mean I’m alone all the time. Of course, there are boring or lonely times, too. But I usually meet a lot of interesting people on my trips – not only good ones, but that’s not the point (and what is ‘good’ anyway).

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  1. Sandra says:

    I love reading about your travels! I’ve done some of these countries myself , but it must be much more adventurous on a bike. Could you email me, I would love to have more info on the road from Murmansk to Ivalo, as I want to go there in August this year. Cheers, Sandra

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