Nazareth – Tiberias Haifa

During the day we walked around Nazareth’s inner city and had a look at the various churches and places of importance or interest to Christianity.

Joseph and Mary are said to hail from here, and Jesus moved back here, too, hence ‘Jesus of Nazareth’.

Since it was Sabbath busses didn’t go as frequently as during the week. There was only one bus, at 9.15pm, to Tiberias, our destination of choice for today. So we changed plans and decided to go to Haifa at 5pm instead.

We arrived there after nightfall and it took us quite a while to figure out where we were and where the hostel was. The people we asked on the street were kind of rude. :( We managed to find the way ourselves, eventually, and later even found a place that served us superb Arab dinner.

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