Tunis – Bizerte

Woke up way too late, rushed to a supermarket to get some incredibly expensive oat flakes for breakfast, and left Sana’s at 1.30pm(!) for Bizerte. The road was at most hilly, with one or two bigger climbs and green fields of crops alongside it. The headwind was a bit nasty though. The ride was unspectacular and I reached Bizerte after 3.5 hours and shortly before sunset. Checked into the ‘Hotel de la Plage’ and went out to get some dinner. Amazingly, restaurants serve mostly western-style food like pizza and pasta or sandwiches and filled chapatti, and it seems difficult, for me at least, to find authentic Tunisian food.

Bizerte seems like a nice city, from what I saw of it after nightfall, and I decided to stay another day.

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