DIY Frame Bag No. 2

Tonight I finished frame bag No. 2. Inside, it features the holders for tent pegs and tent poles from the previous version, some velcro that can be used to form a little pocket for electronic devices (I’m going to use it for a buffer battery that is going to be charged from the hub dynamo) with a cable conduit at the front, and some more velcro to form a pocket at the bottom. It has a map pocket that can be accessed through a zip from the left, and a longer two-way zip on the right to access the main compartment. There is a mesh pocket outside for sweets or other small gear. Last but not least, as a gimmick I added two eyelets that can be used to lock the bag to the bike’s frame to prevent basic hit-and-run theft (which is made difficult by all the velcro anyway). The whole thing is at least splash water proof and should withstand heavy rain (though that needs to be tested). In short, the new version of the frame bag is awesome. :) It’s the one that is coming was with me on the upcoming Balkan trip.

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