DIY Frame Bag

Inspired by a post somewhere, and in preparation for the next trip, I decided to sew my own frame bag for my travel bike.

I got myself a sewing machine and a friend showed me how to use it. I bought some 500den PU-coated Cordura, measured the frame, and started sewing. The idea was to be able to easily stow a tent inside the bag. So I added velcro straps underneath the top tube to hold the tent poles, and a little pocket just above the bottom bracket for the peg bag. There’s a zip on the rigt side and a map pocket on the left.

The result is not perfect, but it should be usable. My Wechsel Forum 4 2 doesn’t fit, the Hilleberg Soulo kind of does. The bag ends up being a bit bulgy, though. I will have to think of a way to compress the content a bit.

It took me two afternoons to finish this. A considerable amount of time was spent thinking steps through and trying things. Also, at some point I realised I had forgotten to sew in a couple of velcros…

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