Tbilisi – Lake Sevan

We got up early early in the morning (well, Justus almost had to force me), and took a marshrutka to Armenia. We arrived at the northern corner of Lake Sevan in the afternoon, near the town of the same name, Sevan.

The weather didn’t promise to be very good. The wind drove massive rain clouds along the opposite shore of the lake. We had lunch next to a bunch of Iranians at the beach, then went on to explore the area, looking for a place to pitch the tents. We found a deserted picnic area at the far end of a small peninsula, and got trapped under a roof there by heavy rain and hail. We were joined by two police officers who sought shelter for their cars under trees nearby.

After the rain stopped we decided to stay there and pitch tents under one of the picnic roofs. That turned out to be a wise decision because at night the thunderstorms came back.

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