Mahambo + 4km – Manakatafana + 2.5km

All night I was afraid I had used some kind of holy place for camping as this was the only taller tree still standing. Why had it not been chopped down if it wasn’t somehow important?
In the morning I noticed that there were some more trees around and at least one combo would have been suitable for hammocking. They were standing at the bottom of an embankment and further away from the road, which is why I didn’t see them last night. My current place was just 3 or 4 meters away and hammock and bike were clearly visible (in daylight).

I woke up before dawn, packed my stuff, had a couple of biscuits for breakfast, and left at 6am without having been seen by anyone.

After some time of riding I noticed that I’d have to take a break. The little breakfast I’d had was not enough. At 10am I found a beautiful spot directly at the beach. Hung the hammock between some rocks and an old tree and cooked some pasta. Puked. A couple of times. I had just cycled for 2.5 hours today but I was not capable of going any further. Spent all day and the night there.

Cycled: 61km

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