Love and Hate

I’ve heard and read a few times now (from tourists, of course) that one must either love or hate India. I’m not a friend of such black-and-white views, but if I had to decide I’d say: I love India.

The people here are beautifully friendly, interested, smiling, chatty, and so much more. I’d stay longer if I could.

Of course, there cannot be love without hate, which is why black & white doesn’t work anyway. Poverty is one of the deficiencies in India, and it is hard to believe the contrasts that are visible everywhere.

A couple of days ago I met a man, Daniel, on the highway who works with an organization that helps underprivilegded children in the Surat and Bharuch area. We’ve exchanged a few emails since then and maybe, if the Rann doesn’t take all the time I have left in India, I can meet him again and learn more about his work.

In other news: It rained today. I just hope the salt will stay dry (enough).

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