Looking for the Chutes d’Antafofo

I decided to stay another day in Antsirabe, but had to move to another hotel, or rather a pension de famille (I think that’s how it’s called).

My Lonely Planet mentions two 20m waterfalls, called Chutes d’Antafofo, near the town of Betafo, some 20km west of Antsirabe. Instead of hanging around in the local Internet café I set out to look for those waterfalls. I made it to Betafo where I met an older gentleman who tried to help me find the chutes by drawing a map. He spoke English and was a journalist/photographer. However, I didn’t find them. My (printed) map ends just before where the waterfalls should be, so no help from that either.

On the way back I met a woman from the US who had rented a bike in Antsirabe and hired a guide to cycle to Betafo.

I’ll stay another day here in Antsirabe to look for that missing western map, though not to go look for the waterfalls again, but for future travels.

For some reason I didn’t take any (meaningful) pictures today.

Cycled: approx. 60km

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