Tonstad – Lysebotn

The ride to Lysebotn promised to be an interesting one. The first part goes along valleys and climbs only slightly. On the last 30 km it climbs to 932 m and descends within 8 km to Lysebotn at 0 m. Right before the descent there’s a restaurant with a viewing platform at the edge of the mountain. Riding down to the restaurant, I topped my own speed record: 70 kph with luggage!

From the restaurant’s car park there’s a path that goes to Kjerag, a 1110m peak, and Kjeragbolten, a big stone hanging between two rocks, almost 1000m above sea level. You can climb onto that stone and enjoy the view down.

On the way up I met two guys from Sweden and Norway, respectively, and we took pictures of each other on the Kjeragbolten.

From the restaurant, the road goes down to Lysebotn with 27 hair pin bends and a 180° tunnel (500m into the rock, 180° turn, 500m out of the rock). ‘t was fun 7.5 kilometers. Total distance: 81km.

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