Cooch Behar – Dhubri

Another exhausting day. I managed to do 50km on backcountry roads, but 40km were on bad-quality highways. That part was almost hell again.

There were two small Bangladeshi exclaves on the way. The area of the first one seemed uninhabited, the status of the second was unclear, too.

Crossed the Torsa river on a bridge that was made entirely of bamboo and which was strong enough to be used by cars.

I was stopped by the BSF, Border Security Forces, when I was somewhat close’ish to the Bangladeshi border (the ‘real’ one), in “sensitive area”, but they let me continue after a passport check. They said I’d still have 200km to Dhubri, “about 4 hours”.

Fortunately, I was faster than that.
Dhubri is located at the northern bank of the Brahmaputra, very close to where the river enters Bangladesh. Also, it is located in Assam, one of the northeastern ‘Seven Sister States’.
The river is 9 kilometers wide here. I haven’t been down to the bank yet, but my guess (and hope) is that it is not completely full with water during the dry season (i.e., now).

Cycled: 91km

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