Konjsko – Ohrid

It was difficult to leave this almost magic place. We had another swim and packed our stuff very slowly, with long breaks in between. We left around noon.

The plan was to try and continue to Ohrid as planned, some 60km away, despite András’ decaying rear wheel, and look for a bike shop there. From there we could go back to Bitola if need be.

The 15km climb up to the 1567m pass between Lake Prespa and Lake Ohrid was quite a challenge for riders and bikes alike. Needless to say that we were rewarded with beautiful views once more…

Somewhere at the descent András became adventurous (considering his wheel) and we took a mountain bike trail as a short-cut. Great idea, the track was beautiful and lots of fun to ride.

Lake Ohrid is much more touristy than Lake Prespa. The villages along the shore boast with hotel next to hotel. We liked Lake Prespa better…

In the city of Ohrid we were chatted up by Jovan who rents out apartments. I think he ripped us off a little, but that’s ok. We’re happy the bike(s) brought us this far.

Cycled: 56km

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