A1/Radobil – Bitola

For breakfast we had squid soup. :) Quite an interesting contrast to yesterday even though András didn’t like it so much.

Then we continued to climb the remaining 15km to Pletvar Pass at an altitude of 998m. The last 3km we hung on to a truck.

From there it was a long and pleasant downhill ride into the Pelagonia plain and the city of Prilep. We didn’t stop but continued to Bitola, at the southern end of said plain, which we easily reached at around 3pm.

Bitola is a very nice city. The lively main pedestrian street, Širok Sokak, is long and fun to walk along. At the southern end it leads eventually to the ancient settlement Heraclea Lyncestis from the Hellenistic period (founded in the middle of the 4th century BC). Left and right of Širok Sokak there are quarters with beautiful, if a little run-down, old buildings.

Cycled: 67km

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