Tajerouine, day 4

I’m still in Tajerouine. For some reason I haven’t given up on the phone yet.

Hatem and I drove back to El Kef to get some money from a working ATM. Over there army presence was massive. And now I also saw the damages the recent riots had caused. Had another look at the old fortress.

We also drove down to the town of Haidra and the ruins of ancient Ammædara next to it.

Back in Tajerouine, we went to the commanding army officer and told him about my situation. He wrote down my name and passport number and then advised me to leave Tajerouine immediately. I promised to do that soon. Well, it was too late for that today anyway, there were no louages going anymore.

Instead, Hatem and I visited that other friend’s (the guy that was there when I got that special tea) family’s neighbours, an elderly couple with two beautiful daughters to one of which they tried to marry me. They live across a hill from Tajerouine and where shepherds, as it seemed. Quite interesting.

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