Surami – Gori

Arrived in Gori at 1pm. The ride was easy and uneventful.

Gori is the birthplace of Joseph Stalin. There is Stalin Avenue, Stalin Square, Stalin Park, and Stalin Museum. The Stalin statue, apparently huge and still mentioned in my Lonely Planet, has been taken down not so long ago.

Walked around town and visited Stalin Museum. It feels a bit dull, mostly showing photographs of him from various occasions. There’s presents he’s gotten from other heads of states, and his death mask, a strange exhibit, I find. The museum focuses on his achievements, there’s no mention of his ‘dark side’. My group’s guide admitted this but added that by now this is intentional. The museum hasn’t been changed since 1977 or so. Kinda like a museum in a museum. The souvenier shop features a lady wearing some old military uniform but doesn’t even have Stalin postcards!

Walked up to Gori Tsikhe (Gori Castle), centrally located and overlooking the city. Unfortunately, there’s not much up there other than a grassy plain, good views, and a police post(!). From below the walls look more promising.

All in all, I somehow expected more from Gori.

Cycled: 53km

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