Confluence of Tskhenistskali and Zeskho rivers – Lentekhi

It was a rainy night. No bear showed up.

Got up, packed our stuff, had a quick breakfast, and continued along the Tskhenistskali river.

We came through hamlets or villages more often now, but most of the houses were abandoned. The closer we came to Lentekhi, the center of the Lower Svaneti district, the more people actually lived in the villages.

Reached Lentekhi in the early afternoon and decided to stay here for the night. Asked a police officer about possibilities. He phoned a friend with a car and they escorted us to Irina’s, in Stalin St. Irina is a friendly woman of Russian descent renting out rooms in the oversized house standing in her frontyard. I got the cheapest accomodation on the entire trip here (20 Lari (~8 Euro) incl. dinner).

Not long after we arrived in Lentekhi it started to rain heavily. We went out anyway to check out the party scene have a look at the town. We also wanted to buy some wine. Finally found a shop that sold some – self-brewed in a 2 liter beer bottle!

We invited Irina to some wine. She accepted but was busy making phone calls and listening to music on her laptop all the time. The TV was running. Her little daughter watched TV in the next room, too. Media overkill after the quiet days up in the mountains.

What’s worse, there is no bathroom that we know of. We had our showers in Irina’s bathroom, but to reach it we had to walk through her living room AND her bed room.

Cycled: 46km

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