Batumi Botanical Garden & Batumi

Woke up too late and was too lazy to leave today.
Instead went to the Batumi Botanical Garden with Thomas. Bordering the Black Sea north of Batumi and stretching across a number of hills and valleys, it is a nice mix of well-kept flower beds and managed wilderness.

Met a Polish couple who’d come here by motorbike. They said that they’d heard from other travelers that the track from Ushguli is not yet passable due to snow. I hope it will be by the time I get there.

Did some planning and read quite a bit in the Georgia/Armenia/Azerbaijan Lonely Planet I’d swapped for my Turkey one with Thomas/Roland. I now have a pretty good idea about where to go and what to do here in Georgia, and I even have a rough idea about the amount of time this is going to require.

Spent a lively evening with almost all the guests from the hostel, which is pretty much booked out for the weekend.

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