Oryachovo – Pleven

Something’s wrong with my cycling motivation. Left too late and called it a day too early, despite the tailwind. In Pleven, just 84km from Oryachovo.

The Romanian countryside on the left bank of the Danube is pretty flat. On the right bank a hill rises like a dyke (though quite a bit higher) and behind that it’s slow-rolling hills.

Two days and 330km left to Varna. :(

Cycled: 84km

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  1. tillyvanilli says:

    Geburtstagsparty im hegarty’s!wenn du dich beeilst, schaffst du es noch! Gute’n’ kisses von der lacrossemeute!!

  2. tillyvanilli says:

    Alter: hugs, mein Handy denkt zu schnell!

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