Kecskemét – Szeged

Erika picked us up at János’s place at 7:30am and we walked over to her work place, a coffee and sweets shop were I had breakfast.

Left half past 9 – and wasted more than an hour finding a way out of the city. All the roads heading in a southish direction would not permit cyclists! So I was forced to take road No. 44 to the east!

Attempted a shortcut via a dirt track again but gave up after a couple hundred meters.

Anyway, to make a long story (read: ride) short: I zigzagged my way around road No. 5 and cycled almost 140km to Szeged instead of the 80 it would have been had cycling been allowed on that road.

Decided to stay in Szeged for the night and cross into Serbia tomorrow. The border is about 15km from here. The campsites I found were either in the wrong direction (back to were I came from, or closed. I’m now lodging in Hotel Izabella, a simple place on the 2nd floor of a run-down … hm, dunno what it used to be. Looks a bit creepy from the outside.

Sitting in the city centre. It’s still warmish and there are quite some people out. One stall-like pub has live music, everthing from Cranberries to Lynard Skynard. People dance, erm, in formation, for lack of a better expression. That is, there are about 30 random people on the dancefloor all doing the same moves.

I’ve heard that girls in Tbilisi, Georgia, are dressed for party 24/7. Szeged girls definitely try that, too. :)

Cycled: 137km

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