Some Tree at the Beach – Some Village in the Jungle

During the night a storm raged over the coast. I had to close the rain fly completely around the hammock to stay dry.
Needless to say that I didn’t sleep too well and was awake early.

Fishermen were already out in the waves in their dug-out canoe.

I had a quick swim in the sea and continued my ride, but the bad dietary situation and the condition the track was in didn’t really help my swift advance.

At some point the road climbed steeply up a hill. The red clayish soil was wet and sticky. That, and deep lane groves made cycling almost impossible. Additionally, my metabolism was close to giving up and I felt lousy. I had run out of potable water earlier today, so I stopped to boil some water from a river. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the stove to burn properly under the watchful eyes of some passers-by.

I gave up with the stove and pushed the bike again. Left and right of the track there was either ocean, thick forest, steep cliffs, or a combination of the latter two. There were no options for a quiet retreat.

Eventually I was ‘adopted’ by a guy carrying a piece of wood. He threw it away and helped me move one. We reached the next village and he showed me to a shop where they also rented out rooms for the night. I received a tasty dinner (rice and fish) and went to bed.

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